What is a Three Star Facility?

What is a Three Star Facility? 

Oklahoma DHS Licensed centers are rated from one to three stars. Both Renaissance schools are three star centers. All three star centers must meet the highest standards that Oklahoma DHS sets forth.

Three Star Facility Qualifications

What are some of the qualifying criteria that must be met by three-star programs?      

  • The center must provide annual parent and staff Program assessment.
  • Center directors and teachers must receive additional annual training in child development each year. 
  • Master teachers must have an early childhood credential or degree with hours in child development. 
  • Centers must have weekly lesson plans and interest areas to facilitate a variety of activities. 
  • Centers must involve parents in a variety of ways
  • Center teachers read to children daily.
  • Center must be Nationally Accredited, We are currently accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NECPA).
  • All three star facilities must maintain perfect DHS monitoring visits.

We are proud of our schools and want to provide the best service possible. In addition to being an Oklahoma DHS Licensed facility, we are also NECPA certified.