Enrichment Program

Our goal is to offer the children of our school various opportunities of educational growth. Our preschool classroom curriculum programs are Child using computer designed to offer children growth opportunities in all of areas of developmental opportunities. Our Educational Enrichment Program is designed to offer age appropriate and fun learning opportunities on a daily basis.

Enrichment ProgramOur Renaissance Enrichment Program is designed for children ages 3-5 years old. (Preschool – Pre-Kindergarten). Our Enrichment Program is designed to offer children additional learning options. Our trained Enrichment Teachers are qualified in various areas of the enrichment program. Our Enrichment Program offers the following options:

  • Spanish Enrichment
  • Computer Lab Instruction
  • Pre-Math Enrichment
  • Pre-Language Enrichment
  • Sign Language Classes

Our Enrichment classes are conducted weekly. The trained teachers rotate instruction in the above-mentioned areas. On your child’s enrichment day, you will receive a note from the Enrichment teacher in your child’s cubby. The Enrichment classes are designed for small group instruction (2-5) children at a time.

AGE GROUP: 3 years to 5 years