Early Preschool Program

Our Early Preschool program is a developmental level for two and three year old children. Our early learning program allows your child to develop confidence, self-esteem and love through our "hands on" learning approach. By nurturing curiosity in a loving supporting atmosphere specifically designed to meet the unique demands of your two and three year olds, The Renaissance Schools can provide meaningful growth that creates great minds and healthy attitudes.

Early Preschool ProgramThe Renaissance Schools of Stillwater provides age appropriate equipment and learning areas to encourage learning and exploration suited for a two year old. When children spend time exploring and discovering subjects of unique interest to them, they devolve a deeper focus, while gaining a stronger awareness of the world around them.

The Renaissance Schools of Stillwater’s Early Preschool level is set up to offer children a small group environment, a hands on approach to learning and a staff of teachers knowledgeable to the needs and demands of two-year-olds.

We believe that caring for your child is a partnership. Successful partnership depends on regular communication. We offer a daily sheet communicating information regarding your child’s day and our teachers are available daily to communicate with you regarding your child.

AGE GROUP: 2 years to 3 years