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      01Breakfast: *Waffles, peaches, milk Lunch: Chicken pot pie with biscuits, peas and carrots, pineapple, milk Snack: Graham crackers, apple slices, water
02Breakfast: *Cinnamon toast, hash browns, milk Lunch: beef steak tenders, mashed potatoes, pears, milk Snack:*Goldfish, **juice
03Breakfast: *Biscuits w/ jelly, mandarin oranges, milk Lunch: pizza cheese sticks, corn, tropical fruit Snack:*Tortillas and cheese, water
05 06Breakfast: English muffins, pears, milk Lunch: Cheesy potatoes and turkey ham, *rolls, tropical fruit, milk Snack: Animal crackers, **juice
07Breakfast: *Waffles, pineapple, milk Lunch: Chicken patties, green beans, apples, milk Snack: *Trail mix/*tortillas and cheese, water
08Breakfast: *Oatmeal, peaches, milk Lunch: Pizza pasta with sausage crumble, mixed veggies, pineapple, milk Snack: Graham crackers, **juice
09Breakfast: *Cinnamon toast, mandarin oranges, milk Lunch: Chili with ground beef, crackers, pears, milk Snack: Soft pretzel, cheese, water
10Breakfast: *Bagel, bananas, milk Lunch: pizza cheese sticks, green beans, apples, milk Snack: *Goldfish, **juice
12 13Breakfast: *Pancakes, pears, milk Lunch: Cheesy potatoes and turkey ham, crackers, pineapple, milk Snack: *tortillas, cheese, water
14Breakfast: *Biscuits with jelly, apples, milk Lunch: Pizza, cheddar broccoli, peaches, milk Snack: Gardettos or animal crackers, **juice
15Breakfast: *Cheese toast, pears, milk Lunch: Sweet and sour chicken and *rice, peas, pineapple, milk Snack: Chips and salsa, **juice, or string cheese and crackers, water
16Breakfast: *Muffins, peaches, milk Lunch: Corn and Blackeye pea salad with ground beef, *rolls, tropical fruit, milk Snack: Graham crackers, applesauce, water
17Breakfast: Cereal, bananas, milk Lunch: *Hamburgers, green beans, apples, milk Snack: Cheese-its, **juice
19 20Breakfast:*Bagel, Peaches, milk Lunch: Potato beef casserole, *rolls, tropical fruit, milk Snack: Crackers and pickles, or animal crackers and yogurt, water
21Breakfast:*Pancakes, peaches, milk Lunch: Grilled chicken, crackers, veggie medley, apples, milk Snack: Soft pretzels and cheese
22Breakfast:*French toast sticks, mandarin oranges, milk Lunch: Macaroni and cheese with turkey ham, peaches, mixed veggies, milk Snack: *Goldfish, **juice
23Breakfast: Breakfast scramble with potatoes, *toast, milk Lunch: Chicken broccoli and *rice casserole, tropical fruit, milk Snack: *trail mix, **juice
24Breakfast: *Oatmeal, bananas, milk Lunch: Corn and Blackeye pea salad with ground beef, *rolls, pears, milk Snack: *tortillas, cheese, water
26 27Closed for Memorial Day
28Breakfast:*Bagels, pears, milk Lunch: Grilled chicken *rolls, mixed veggies, apples, milk Snack: Pickles and crackers, water or animal crackers, **juice
29Breakfast: Muffins, peaches, milk Lunch: Mexican Casserole, pineapple, corn, milk Snack: Gardettos, **juice, or graham crackers, applesauce, water
30Breakfast: Omelets with hashbrowns, milk Lunch: Mac N Cheese with Turkey ham, peaches, peas, milk Snack: Turkey and cheese rollups, water
31Breakfast: *French toast, mandarin oranges, milk Lunch: Potato and ground beef casserole, crackers, pears, milk Snack: Trail mix, **juice

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What Makes Us Different

Security & Safety

Our schools have surveillance cameras located in each classroom, common areas, and playgrounds that are monitored by administration staff. The cameras are used for teacher training and staff evaluation. Parents are also welcome to come and observe your child at any time. Our schools are locked at all times and parents enter with the coded keypad entry. Both of our Stillwater campuses are also equipped with a tornado/safe room and the children go through drills monthly to ensure safety in the event of a storm. All staff members, within their first 90 days of employment, are First Aid/CPR/AED certified, by our on-staff American Red Cross instructor. 


The Renaissance Schools provide students breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Our cooked meals are prepared on location in our full service kitchens by our food service staff and meet  the guidelines of the Oklahoma Child Nutrition Program. We strive to offer "kid friendly" menus that meet the best nutritional needs of the children. All our "kid friendly"meals are whole wheat or wholegrain with minimal sugar. We provide 1% cow's milk, whole milk, and we only serve 100% fruit juice. Lactose free and soy milk are available upon doctor's request. We also accommodate special religious and medical dietary requests.

For parents convenience we also provide Gerber baby food and formula. We also welcome breast feeding moms to nurse inside your baby's classroom.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Teacher training, education, and benefits.

All Lead/Master Teachers must have an Early Childhood credential, or degree with hours in Early Childhood development.

All Teachers/Assistant Teachers must complete the ELCCT training course within the first 60 Days.  A total of 30 continuing education training hours are required within the first year, and an additional 24 hours of continuing education training every year after that. All Teachers must be current on the Oklahoma Registry within 90 days. We require 100% of our staff to be First/Aid CPR/Aed certified within their first 90 days.

The Renaissance Schools are proud to offer full time teachers excellent benefits.

  • After the first year every full time employee will be enrolled in our 401K/Profit sharing program, and fully vested after three years.
  • We offer every full time employee after the first 60 days Blue Cross Blue Shield health Insurance.
  • We offer every full time employee after the first 60 days Principal-Dental, Vision.
  • After 1 full year of full time employment every employee receives a Weeks PAID vacation.
  • After 90 days of full time employment every employee receives Paid Holidays off.
  • Every Employee at the start of employment receives excellent discounts at our Tan and Tone facility.

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